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Please select your dates - and book your Odessa rail tickets now!

Buying Rail tickets in Ukraine:
Take advantage of the easy way to buy your rail tickets in Ukraine. You still have to queue at the station with your passport to purchase train tickets, but we offer an easy service to make it simple for you!
We strongly recommend that you pre-purchase your rail tickets.
Certain routes, at holiday times in particular, are quickly sold out.
Waiting until you arrive, to buy tickets locally might result in your train being unavailable.
Kindly note, that if you decide to purchase your own tickets locally, you will be required to show your passport.

Our rail ticket service:
In order for us to pre-purchase your ticket, full pre-payment by credit card is required i.e. before we purchase the ticket.
You may enter your details online or call one of our operators with the details.
Once purchased, you will receive a voucher to exchange for your ticket at one of our offices, as agreed with you.
Important: once purchased the ticket is non refundable/non changeable.
If the ticket requested is not available, the full amount will be refunded to you.
We offer most trains throughout Ukraine, so if you do not find the requested train
available on-line, please kindly contact our local team for information and assistance.

Select your train journey now - if it is not here, please contact us for prices.

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Tickets Collection/Delivery:
You may collect your tickets ONLY in our local offices in Kiev, Yalta, Odessa, Lviv and Sevastopol.
If you book accommodation in one of the above cities with us, the tickets will be delivered to the reception desk upon your arrival, free of charge.
In Kiev, we can arrange an arrival transfer from Boryspil International airport to the train station. The driver will deliver the tickets to you during the transfer.
For rail tickets originating in other cities, please ask us about delivery before booking.

At your destination:
For your convenience and safety, we highly recommend you pre-book our transfer
services to and from railway stations.

Overnight train information:
Most trains in Ukraine offer 3 types of compartments:
1st class compartment with 2 berths:-
In most trains both are lower berths, but there are several trains where in the 1st class (SV) compartments the berths are located one above the other.
Some 1st class compartments offer a basin and/or TV, however this is subject to confirmation upon purchase of the ticket and depends on the train requested.
2nd class compartment (coupee) with 4 berths:-
2 x lower and 2 x upper berths.
3rd class compartments (platzcart) are not recommended for foreign travellers:-
54 persons in one ‘open’ carriage.

On the overnight train - travel tips:
Essential information about Ukrainian Railways:
• Do not expect train conductors and attendants to speak a foreign language!
• After departure the conductor collects tickets from all passengers and rechecks all the documents once again.
• Ticket price includes bed linen which is handed out by the attendant 1-2 hours after departure.
• Most trains have a restaurant carriage. Remember that leaving your luggage not attended in your compartment is not secure and is at your own risk
• 30 minutes before arrival at your destination, the conductor wakes the passengers up and returns the tickets.
• In case of emergency, please contact the attendant
• There are police (militsia) on board every train.
• Smokers may have a cigarette in the area between the carriages.
• Do not leave your train during the stops without checking how long the train will be standing - some stops are very short (1-2 minutes)
• Hot and cold drinks and snacks can be bought at the attendants compartment