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Latvian Opera House

The National Opera in Riga that houses both the Riga Ballet and the Riga Opera was one of the first major buildings that were completely renovated when Riga and Latvia reclaimed its independence in 1991. This was very important to the Latvian people, who hold the National Opera house as the home of Riga’s cultural scene. The house itself is once again, one of Europe’s finest, pleasingly ornate and invitingly cozy, perfect for a luxury evening break at the opera or ballet. The National Opera house has an allure, which operatic and ballet enthusiasts can’t resist. The exterior is reminiscent of Moscow’s Bolshoi theatre and the interior design continues in the same imperial & extravagant way.

Since its founding in 1918, the Latvian National Opera has been a national treasure to its country and maintains the cultural heart of Riga. Opera traditions in Latvia date back to the 18th century, consistently performing a wide repertoire that includes works by; Tchaikovsky, Verdi and Mozart. Great Masters of the operatic art have molded the Latvian National Opera’s history, raising the standards but preserving the tradition.