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Vilnius Culture

The most important part of the heritage of the city of Vilnius is its culture. Not only is Vilnius a city with a rich historical cultural past, but it is also a modern and cosmopolitan capital city. The city is increasingly and persistently taking active part in cultural integration and exchange programs not only with its European counterparts, but with the entire world as well.

The history of our capital city is a reflection of the nation's past and the experiences of lives of cultures of Western and Eastern Europe. Pagan cult sites, Orthodox churches, Catholic baroque, and traces of the Jewish way of life are all witnesses to the historical multicultural life in the city and testify to the wide open history of this Eastern European city.

However, the present cultural life of the city is also lively: Vilnius organises the Days of the Capital City lasting for almost an entire month annually and the city always ensures that its guests have an abundant supply of diverse interesting events to take part in. Large-scale international festival, concerts, fashion exhibition, arts exhibitions, theatrical performances, cinema, as well as city masquerades and markets, are only few of the many attractions that take place in the city during the City Days.

Vilnius is also famous worldwide for its creative people. Famous musicians, actors, and theatre and cinema directors, fashion designers, ballet and sports dancers and other artists are born and raised in the city. It is not surprising that such cultural way of life is diverse and intensive. Every visiting guest to the city will surely find something to suit his or her expectations fully.